Albany Based WAMC Bids Legendary President and CEO Chartock Farewell

In a poignant moment for Albany’s cultural landscape, WAMC, the much-revered radio station, bids adieu to its legendary President and CEO, Alan Chartock. This farewell marks the end of an era for the station and brings forth reflections on the remarkable journey of an influential figure.

The Legacy of Alan Chartock

Alan Chartock’s tenure as President and CEO of WAMC has been nothing short of extraordinary. He has not only been the steward of the station but also a guiding force that has shaped its identity and values. Under his leadership, WAMC has flourished, serving as a beacon of journalistic integrity and community engagement.

A Life Committed to Radio

Chartock’s association with WAMC spans decades, and his dedication to the station’s mission has been unwavering. He has not merely held a position; he has lived the spirit of community radio. His life story beautifully shares the same airwaves as the station he has nurtured.

Albany Based WAMC Bids Legendary President and CEO Chartock Farewell

Passing the Baton

As Chartock steps down from his role, the question arises: what’s next for WAMC? The departure of a visionary leader often raises concerns about continuity and the station’s future direction. However, it is a testament to the foundation he has laid that WAMC is well-prepared to navigate this transition.

A Well-Deserved Farewell

Chartock’s farewell is not just an occasion to bid adieu; it is a moment to celebrate a life dedicated to the world of radio. His departure leaves behind a void that is impossible to fill. Still, it also offers an opportunity for the station to evolve and embrace the changing media landscape.

Shares of Gratitude

The outpouring of gratitude from the community and listeners is a testament to Chartock’s impact. He has been the voice of the station, and his words have resonated with countless individuals over the years. The shares of appreciation and fond memories flooding in are a fitting tribute to his legacy.


In the world of radio, few figures attain legendary status, but Alan Chartock undoubtedly falls into that category. His contributions to WAMC and the broader community have left an indelible mark. As we bid farewell to this iconic CEO and President, we also celebrate the enduring spirit of community radio that he has championed. The legacy lives on, and the airwaves will forever echo with the values he has instilled in WAMC.

By Milton